Property Conditions and Rent

General Property Conditions and Rent Articles

In all residential leases in Baltimore City, whether oral or written, it is implied that the landlord covenants and warrants that the dwelling is fit for human habitation.
Baltimore City has a number of special laws regarding lead paint abatement.
When a landlord delays unreasonably or refuses to repair a condition which threatens the life, health or safety of the tenant, the rent escrow law provides several remedies, including the payment of rent into court so that the accumulated funds may be used to pay for repairs.
Where there are certain serious defects in a dwelling and the landlord has failed to correct them within a reasonable time, this law permits the tenant to pay the rent into court so that funds may accumulate and be used to pay for needed repairs.
The law requires some residential properties to have carbon monoxide alarms.
Landlords have responsibility to use ordinary care to keep common areas in safe condition.
Maryland state law prohibits the landlord from taking possession of the premises or tenant’s property without legal process. Should a lockout occur, the tenant has the right to hire a locksmith, change the locks, re-enter the premises, and hold the landlord responsible for the cost involved.
When a tenant vacates a property, items which have been so attached to or associated with the property that they are considered part of the property may not be removed by the tenant.
Maryland and federal laws about lead paint are designed to reduce childhood lead poisoning while maintaining affordable rental housing. These laws provide rights and duties for renters and property owners in pre-1978 residential rental properties/units (“Affected Properties”).
Tenants must return the premises at the end of the tenancy in substantially the same condition as when they moved in.
During the tenancy, the tenant is entitled to "quiet enjoyment" of the premises.
The article describes the process of going to rent court. Landlords can take their tenants to rent court to evict them for nonpayment of rent.
This article lists many question you might have with rent escrow.
Rent escrow provides a process through which a tenant pays rent into a court account instead of to the landlord until the landlord makes needed repairs. You can file a petition to establish a rent escrow account in your local District Court by filling out a "Petition in Action of Rent Escrow" form.
Landlords must assure that tenants get possession of the premises, but retain a right to enter the premises for reasonable purposes.
Residential requirements for smoke alarms and sprinkler systems