Starting a Lease

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The business of owning and managing residential rental property is much like any business. It takes research, planning and knowledge. As a Maryland landlord, it is important that you know the federal, state and local laws governing the landlord tenant relationship.
You can use the list of questions below to check an apartment before you move in.
There are times when a tenant needs a co-signer. Sometimes a tenant, through frugal spending habits, can actually pay the required rent, but doesn’t meet the basic income requirements of the industry.
If you are thinking of becoming a landlord, it is important to know the federal, state, and local laws governing the landlord-tenant relationship. This article will suggest some guidelines and resources.
You have a right to carefully inspect an apartment or house before you put a deposit on it and especially before you sign a lease.
A lease is any oral or written agreement, express or implied, creating a landlord-tenant relationship.
This article defines what a security deposit is and what is required of tenants and landlords.