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Finding an Attorney Who Is a Member of a "Bar Association"

The legal profession is organized into groups called “bar associations”. These are voluntary membership groups that provide services to attorneys as well as set and enforce standards of attorney conduct.  A bar association can help you find a member attorney. (Remember that not all attorneys licensed to practice in the state belong to a bar association. Also some attorneys belong to several bar associations.)

Find a Member of a County or Specialty Bar Association

Attorneys who are members of the bar associations ask to be listed on panels to which referrals are made. The bar associations do not review the work of the attorneys but can find you the name of attorneys interested in your type of case. When you contact a lawyer referral service, be prepared to briefly describe your situation to help the person on the other end of the phone line determine the kind of assistance you need.  They will also help you decide what type of case you have.  You will then be referred to an attorney in that field of practice.  The lawyer referral services administered by the county bar associations usually offer a half-hour initial telephone or in-person consultation with the lawyer for a modest fee, approximately $25-40. Any additional time needed for your case is then negotiated between you and the attorney.

In addition, there are other bar associations organized by special interest areas rather than by geographic area. Some the these “specialty” bar associations in Maryland offer limited lawyer referral services or publish their membership list.

To find a local or specialty bar association near you, see: Local and specialty bar associations by county and specialty.


Finding an Attorney by Using a Legal Publisher's Directory

Finding an Attorney by Specialized Area of the Law

Consumer Law

Elder Law


  • American Immigration Lawyers Association: The AILA is a bar association with over 7,500 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law.  This web site refers visitors to member attorneys of the association.
  •  Immigration Lawyers on the Web is a website by an immigration law publisher. Among their products and services, they offer a "yellow pages" for the immigration field with attorney listings.

Social Security


  • EX-POSE: Provides information for spouses regarding separation and divorce from active duty or retired military service members.  EX-POSE also refers members to attorneys who are familiar with military separation/divorce
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