General Homeownership Articles

Follow these 10 tips as you hire a building contractor.
The purpose of this Guide is to provide some basic information about legal matters before you sign any contracts or pay out any money.
This article describes the rights of a homeowner who lives in a homeowners association (HOA) or condominium (condo) in Maryland, when the HOA or condo says that the homeowner is violating rules.
Sometimes as people age, their physical abilities fail and may make it difficult, or even impossible, to stay in their homes without some changes or modifications to the home.
Real property, which is also often referred to as real estate, is the land and the things that are permanently attached to it, like a house. Real property can have a sole owner. Real property can also have multiple owners. The owner may be a person, but the owners can also be a company, a trust, or other entity.
Brief overview and available resources for homeowners facing tax sale
Special provisions in the law for evicting mobile home park residents, rent escrow, and damages for violations of the lease provisions.
Special issues and protections for mobile home owners who lease or rent a site for residential use and reside in a mobile home park.
Mobile homes parks have specific laws for right of entry.
Laws for when a mobile home changes hands or needs to move.
Predatory Lending and Flipping are two problems that can affect low income homebuyers, especially in Baltimore City.
This article answers a number of frequently asked questions about neighbor disputes.
May I keep chickens on my property? What are the rules in my city or county?
When you decide to sell your home it is important to be sure that you have all of the information you need to make wise decisions. This Guide provides answers to some basic questions which come up when you decide to sell your home.
You can solve many of the problems with your neighbors by following a step-by-step plan. Some of the most common are noise, property boundaries, fences, trees or blighted property.
This article describes a general process for giving away property rights to someone else for no money. For example, you may wish to make a gift of property, or you may wish to add a family member to your deed. You should be aware that simply adding someone to a property deed can have very different results depending on the exact words used in the new deed. If you are buying or selling property, it is important to get professional help.
When a storm hits, damage from flooding, downed trees, and high winds are trouble for homeowners.
The history of ground rent and how it affects Maryland homeowners.
Section 8 tenants receive vouchers to cover the cost of rent or to pay reduced rent. Vouchers may also be used to buy a house.
A table of options for resolving disputes with contractors