Finding Regulations

Regulations, like statutes, are published in subject arrangements called codes. Regulations explain the details necessary to implement laws.

  • The regulations of Maryland are published in the Code of Maryland Regulations (“COMAR”).
  • The regulations for the United States government agencies are published in the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”).

To find any specific regulation in a code, you need its citation. You may have seen citations to both COMAR and the CFR on the Peoples Law Library.

Maryland Regulations

A citation to COMAR looks like this:


    • To look this citation up in the print version of COMAR, you would look for the volume that says “Title 10” and “Subtitles 45 to end” on its spine, then look within that volume for subtitle 45, within subtitle 45 for chapter 1, and within chapter 1 for regulation 1.
    • You could also look this regulation up online at the Maryland Division of State Documents website,

Federal Regulations

A citation to the CFR looks like this:

  • 20 C.F.R. § 416.101

    • To look this citation up in the print CFR, you would look for a volume with “Title 20” and “Parts 400 to 499” on its spine. Then look within the volume for part 416, section 101. Note: If you use the print version of the CFR, there are many steps you must take to update the regulations you find. You should consult a law librarian for help updating the print CFR.
    • To look it up online click here, first choose your regulation's title from the drop-down menu and click "Go".  Next, click the link for the range of part numbers that includes your regulation's part. Finally, click the link for the range of section numbers that includes your section.
This section developed by Sara Kelley, Librarian, Georgetown University Law Library, updated by State Law Library staff
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