Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP)

The Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) gives full health benefits for children up to age 19, and pregnant women of any age who meet the income guidelines. MCHP enrollees obtain care from a variety of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) through the Maryland HealthChoice Program.

The same medical coverage as the Maryland Medical Assistance Managed Care Program.  Enrolled in Managed Care Organization; pays for hospital, doctors, prescriptions, etc., according to terms of the managed care plan.



  • Children younger than 19 years old

MCHP Premium

  • Children younger than 19 years old

Must also be a resident of Maryland, and a United States citizen or an alien within certain categories.  See COMAR to determine if you are an eligible US Citizen.

Income Eligibility:


  • Children under age 19, who are not eligible for medicaid, and whose countable Income is under 200% of the federal poverty level.

MCHP Premium

  • Countable income between 200-300% of the federal poverty level.  You pay a small premium for the health insurance.
Apply at:

Maryland Health Connection. Go to for more information.

  • You can appeal any denial, termination, or reduction of benefits.
  • Appeals must be filed within 90 days of the action, or you cannot appeal.
  • If you file within 10 days of notice that benefits are being terminated or reduced, they will continue until the decision.  If you do not appeal within 10 days, the termination or reduction will happen.
Source of Funds:

State and federal

Sources of Law:

State Regulations:   In the Medical Assistance Program, the Maryland regulations are by far the most important source of law.  Rarely are the federal regulations, the state statute, and the federal statute useful in understanding the governing law.

  • Eligibility: COMAR to - Covering financial and non-financial eligibility conditions. (Scroll down to 10.09.24 Medical Assistance Eligibility)
  • Coverage: The kinds of medical conditions and medical treatments that are covered by Medical Assistance is very long and very detailed.  Generally, the regulations about what is and what is not covered are in COMAR to
  • Appeals: COMAR to  (Scroll down to "10.01.04 Fair Hearing Appeals Under the Maryland State Medical Assistance Program" and click it to open the list of regulations.

Federal Regulations: Generally - 42 CFR Chapter IV The specific part of the federal regulations that are most likely to be of some value to Medical Assistance applicants or recipients are listed below.

Federal Law: 42 U.S.C., Chapter 7, Subtitle XXI

State Law: Md. Ann Code Health General §15-101 to §15-135

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