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Lower Cost Legal Help

Civil Justice Inc. (410-706-0174; 1-866-48CIVIL) is a Maryland non-profit corporation that maintains the Civil Justice Network, a free lawyer referral service.  Clients are referred to Maryland solo and small firm attorneys who provide legal services at reduced costs in a broad range of practice areas.

Most of the county bar associations with lawyer referral services have reduced fee panels.  When you call the county bar association for a referral, ask if it has a reduced fee panel.  Most reduced fee panels are based on income, but some are based on case type.  For example, the Prince Georges County Bar Association has a reduced fee panel for criminal cases, but not for domestic.  For the reduced fee panel based on income, each individual bar association has its own eligibility screening to determine if your income entitles you to the reduced fee.

Remember that the attorneys reduce their fees based on their “usual” rate and that the “usual” rate will vary among attorneys. For example, one attorney’s usual rate may be less than another attorney’s reduced rate. 

"Limited Scope" representation:

It’s always good to have more help, rather than less.  However, in some situations, a lawyer may be willing to help you with part of a problem or case instead of the entire process.

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