Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP)

$185 per month, to the extent that your county has the funds to pay benefits.

Many figures used to calculate Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP) benefits are revised periodically by the Department of Human Resources Family Investment Administration, the state agency that administers the program.  Updated figures can be found in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 07.03.05. Since TDAP is locally administered, you should contact your local Department of Social Services for local requirements and available funding.

  • Unable to work for at least three months due to medical condition
  • Have no children under 18 living with you
Income Eligibility:

Countable income may not exceed $185.

All income that the client can actually use is considered available to the client. Net earned income and all unearned income, except SSI benefits, of the spouse with whom the client is living is considered to be income to the client in the month received by the spouse. $185 of the spouse's income is disregarded. In-kind income, including vendor payments, third-party payments, and contributions of goods to the client, is not counted as income. There are also some other special sources of income, such as educational grants loans, and training stipends that do not count.

Asset Eligibility:

Not more than $1,500 in monthly assets.  An asset is not counted unless it is actually available to you.  You may have to prove that you cannot sell the asset. Some assets are never counted, including your home; household goods and personal items you use in day-to-day living, such as clothing and furniture; one motor vehicle regardless of value; the cash value of one life insurance policy; one burial plot; and limited funds set aside in a separate fund for burial expenses.

Apply at:

Department of Social Services. Find your local DSS Office.

  • You can appeal any denial, termination, or reduction of benefits
  • Appeals must be filed in writing at the DSS office.  It is best to file it in person and to get a receipt showing that you filed the appeal.
  • Appeals must be filed within 90 days of the action, or you cannot appeal.
  • If you file within 10 days of notice that benefits are being terminated or reduced, and you ask that the benefits continue until the appeal decision is made, they will continue until the decision.  If  you do not want benefits to continue following the decision, you must specifically request that they do not continue.  If you do not appeal within 10 days, the termination or reduction will happen.
Source of Funds:

Maryland state funds

Sources of Law:

State Law: Md. Ann Code Art., 88A, §§1A(a), 3(a) - These sections of the law are the general authority for state welfare programs and contain no useful specific information about the TEMHA program.  See the COMAR regulations, below, for specific information and rules.

State Regulations: COMAR to - Scroll down and select "07.03.05 Temporary Disability Assistance Program" COMOR includes the financial requirements for aid. Other eligibility requirements are in

  • Non-Financial Eligibility rules
  • Financial Eligibility rules

    • What income is counted, and what is not
    • How lump sums of money you get are treated
    • What assets are considered available and what are not
  • Appeal Rights

The Md. Department of Human resources has a description of this program and other information on its web site.

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