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There are a number of organizations providing legal and non-legal free, low-cost, and fee based services around the state. Our directory lists contact information and service descriptions for organizations providing free and low cost services and referrals. Listings can be filtered by county and the type of services available. To see the entire Services Database, click here. In addition, we have links to a number of organizations that will assist you in finding an attorney that will work for you for a fee.

Free and Low Cost Legal Help: If you have low or no income, you may be eligible for free or reduced price legal services. Find help in the legal services directory. These include pro bono representation and legal hotlines that will assist you.

Fee Based Services: There are many organizations that will assist you in searching for appropriate representation for your case. These include county bar referral phones lines, other professional association websites, and commercial websites. Fees for service are negotiated between the attorney and client.

Self-Help Programs: These are programs that help you represent yourself in court. Most of the time, these programs give clients the opportunity to meet briefly with an attorney for legal advice.

Mediation: Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person, a “mediator,” helps people communicate with one another and reach agreements that satisfy everyone’s needs. Mediation can be a lower cost solution to resolving a dispute in many situations.

Non-Legal Assistance

Maryland Community Services Locator (MDCSL)
The MDCSL was developed as a centralized tool for Maryland service providers and the public to locate a comprehensive listing of community services, including maps and driving directions to locations. 

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