General Expungement Articles

Expungement is a process that lets you ask the court to remove certain kinds of court and police records from public view. This article provides an overview of the process of filing a petition for expungement.
This article provides an overview expungement in Maryland.
If your DNA was taken as part of the arrest you are trying to expunge, you may wish to request your DNA record to be expunged as well.
A “pardon” is an act of the Governor in which the Governor frees someone of guilt for a criminal act and relieves the grantee from any penalties of law for those acts.
This article describes the MVA's expungement procedure.
Various organizations provide assistance for individuals seeking expungement of their criminal record.
Under certain circumstances, you may file a written request to remove from public view the court records relating to a Protective Order or a Peace Order.
Court records are generally open and accessible to the public. This article provides information on how to seal or shield your case records from public view.
Shielding is a process that lets you ask the court to remove certain kinds of records about certain criminal convictions from public view. Shielding these records from public view may make it easier to get a job, attend college, or get a government service of some kind. Shielding is a one-time opportunity: you can only have a shielding petition granted once in your lifetime.
Usually the verdict or outcome of your case determines whether specific records can be expunged. This article discusses the different types of records and whether they are eligible for expungement.