General Taxes Articles

If someone else helps you to prepare your taxes, you can check out their credentials.
Many older taxpayers have Medicare premiums deducted from their Social Security checks each month and forget to take the deduction at the end of the year.
If your earned income (income from a job) falls below certain levels, you may qualify for a reduction in taxes and possibly a refund.
Montgomery County was the first local jurisdiction in the country to establish a local Earned Income Credit Program. The County will match a taxpayer's State Refundable EIC dollar for dollar.
Information on ordering or downloading tax forms, filing electronically, and dealing with tax preparers.
The IRS has established a form to allow tax payers to get refunds directly deposited into multiple accounts, or to save all or a portion of the refund in U.S. Savings Bonds.
Divorce can affect your income taxes. Your written settlement agreement should state how you and your spouse will handle the issues in this article.
Generally, recoveries for physical harm are not taxable. Other types of monetary settlements are taxable.
The Tax Saver's Credit allows low and moderate income people who contribute to an IRA or qualified retirement plan may be able to get a tax credit up to $1,000.