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Finding Tax Forms

If you filed in the past, the federal and state governments will send you new forms to the address from which you last filed a return.You can also find federal and Maryland tax forms and instructions at your local post office and public library.

IRS Forms

  • Order them to be delivered from the IRS by calling 1-800-829-3676, or 1-800 TAX-FORM.
  • IRS Formset the forms online to download and fill in by hand. Some of these forms are in a special format called “PDF.” If you would like to download these forms and fill them out by hand, you must have a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Maryland Tax Forms

The Maryland Comptroller's website lets you download forms or you can request forms via email at or call 1-800-MD-TAXES.

Electronic Tax Filing

You can file both federal and state tax returns electronically.


The IRS allows you to file your federal tax returns by e-mail. Taxpayers who sign up with the IRS for a "Self-Select" personal identification number (PIN) are now permitted to file their entire tax return online. You may register a PIN with the IRS, and it will consider returns filed under your PIN to be valid substitutes for paper returns signed by you. You can register on-line with IRS. You can also find a tax professional who e-files, e-file from your PC or your phone.


Maryland also allows electronic filing at the website of the State Comptroller. You are required to enter your social security number, last name and to establish a password. First-time filers must complete Form EL101, which will be displayed automatically. Read Frequently Asked Questions about eFiling Maryland Taxes. You can also pay online with a credit or debit card (transaction is secure).

Tax Preparation Services

Most tax preparers will be able to file your forms electronically for you. A few considerations: Many companies offer free or paid state tax preparation and efiling services. Some companies may not offer state tax preparation and e-file services for all states.

  • Not all of the volunteer Tax Aide sites can file electronically for you.
  • There may be a fee for the electronic filing as well as the tax form preparation. Make sure you receive a copy of the form and confirmation that it was filed for you.
  • Particularly be careful of the places that offer you an "instant refund". They are not part of the IRS and the "instant refund" is, in effect, a loan. Because it is a loan, you will very likely be charged a fee. Find out the amount of the fee and decide if it is worth it or if you might be better off just waiting for your refund directly from IRS. Remember the earlier you file, the faster you will receive a refund. You do not have to wait until April.
  • If you file electronically and are due a refund, it will usually be processed faster than if you mail in your return

Documents to Bring to Your Tax Preparer

You should bring these documents or information, if you have them.

  1. The names and birth dates of everyone in your household (you, your spouse and any children born before the end of the tax year.)
  2. Last year's tax return, if you filed.
  3. Form W-2s from all of your and your spouse's jobs during the year.
  4. Records of all other income, such as interest on your bank accounts and tips. If self-employed, bring a detailed, itemized list of your income and expenses.
  5. Social Security Cards for your children, yourself, your spouse, and all other dependents and family members. You must bring everyone’s Social Security card and picture ID.
  6. Information about expenses that you think might help reduce your taxes, such as receipts from childcare providers (including provider’s tax identification number), mortgage interest statements, donations to your church, costs incurred in seeking a college degree or taking courses to acquire or improve job skills, and proof of payment of medical insurance premiums covering your children and medical expenses.
  7. If you are married and filing jointly, your spouse must come with you.
  8. If you want your refund directly deposited to your checking account, bring a voided blank check. If you want your refund directly deposited to your savings account, bring your bank routing number and your savings account number. Make sure the bank’s name and the routing number are current and correct.
  9. Proof of any other income received.
  10. Proof of any business expenses you might have had - for example, receipts from the purchase of uniforms required by your employer.
  11. Form 1099-G, which shows how much you received in unemployment insurance benefits.
  12. Form 1099-INT, which shows how much interest you received from a bank or mutual fund.
  13. Any other tax reporting forms you have received, such as a Maryland form reporting your receipt of a state tax refund.
  14. If you own a house, bring statements from your mortgage company or home equity loan, and proof of any real estate tax you paid.
  15. Documentation of any amounts you contributed to an IRA or other retirement plan.


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